Experience @ DGLiger

Make a difference each day

Talent, dedication and the zeal is something we bring to the table every day. We not only raise the bar but also sustain the milestones we have achieved

Design for Everyone

We believe in building intuitive, effective, and high-performance solutions across a wide range of consumers. If we can build for the lowest common denominator without sacrificing quality, then everybody can benefit from the tools we're creating.

Fun at Work

Our employees are our family. We put on our innovation cap and consistently strive to design a fitting workplace experience that “delights” the employee. For us, Happy Customer is a synonym of a Happy Employee

Employee Empowerment

We firmly believe in self-development of our employees and provide them with the right combination of tools to develop the latest know-how of the industry and grow as professionals

Be Proactive

Acting and thinking ahead of anticipated events has been our way of life. If you can address a problem now, don't wait! Waiting for a problem to resolve itself will only create additional problems along the way


Are you ready to bring a change? Excited about what we do and how we do? Join us. We are always looking for great talents.

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