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Talent, dedication and the zeal is something we bring to the table every day. We not only raise the bar but also sustain the milestones we have achieved

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We believe in building intuitive, effective, and high-performance solutions across a wide range of consumers. If we can build for the lowest common denominator without sacrificing quality, then everybody can benefit from the tools we're creating.

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Our employees are our family. We put on our innovation cap and consistently strive to design a fitting workplace experience that “delights” the employee. For us, Happy Customer is a synonym of a Happy Employee

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We firmly believe in self-development of our employees and provide them with the right combination of tools to develop the latest know-how of the industry and grow as professionals

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Acting and thinking ahead of anticipated events has been our way of life. If you can address a problem now, don't wait! Waiting for a problem to resolve itself will only create additional problems along the way

Open Positions

Pyspark Developer

We are looking for a Pyspark Developer that loves solving complex problems across a full spectrum of technologies. You will help ensure our technological infrastructure operates seamlessly in support of our business objectives. 


  • Develop and maintain data pipelines implementing ETL processes.
  • Take responsibility for Hadoop development and implementation.
  • Work closely with a data science team implementing data analytic pipelines.
  • Help define data governance policies and support data versioning processes.
  • Maintain security and data privacy working closely with Data Protection Officer internally.
  • Analyse a vast number of data stores and uncover insights.

Skillset Required

  • Ability to design, build and unit test the applications in Pyspark.
  • Experience with Python development and Python data transformations.
  • Experience with SQL scripting on one or more platforms Hive, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, and similar frameworks.
  • Strong knowledge of Data Management principles.
  • Experience with normalizing/de-normalizing data structures, and developing tabular, dimensional and other data models.
  • Have knowledge about YARN, cluster, executor, cluster configuration.
  • Hands on working in different file formats like Json, parquet, csv etc.
  • Experience with CLI on Linux-based platforms.
  • Experience analysing current ETL/ELT processes, define and design new processes.
  • Experience analysing business requirements in BI/Analytics context and designing data models to transform raw data into meaningful insights.
  • Good to have knowledge on Data Visualization.
  • Experience in processing large amounts of structured and unstructured data, including integrating data from multiple sources.
Big Data Engineer

We’re looking for a Big Data Engineer who can find creative solutions to tough problems. As a Big Data Engineer, you’ll create and manage our data infrastructure and tools, including collecting, storing, processing and analyzing our data and data systems. You know how to work quickly and accurately, using the best solutions to analyze mass data sets, and you know how to get results. You’ll also make this data easily accessible across the company and usable in multiple departments.

Skillset Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree or more in Computer Science or a related field.
  • A solid track record of data management showing your flawless execution and attention to detail.
  • Strong knowledge of and experience with statistics.
  • Programming experience, ideally in Python, Spark, Kafka or Java, and a willingness to learn new programming languages to meet goals and objectives.
  • Experience in C, Perl, Javascript or other programming languages is a plus.
  • Knowledge of data cleaning, wrangling, visualization and reporting, with an understanding of the best, most efficient use of associated tools and applications to complete these tasks.
  • Experience in MapReduce is a plus.
  • Deep knowledge of data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, or information retrieval.
  • Experience processing large amounts of structured and unstructured data, including integrating data from multiple sources.
  • Experience with machine learning toolkits including, H2O, SparkML or Mahout
  • A willingness to explore new alternatives or options to solve data mining issues, and utilize a combination of industry best practices, data innovations and your experience to get the job done.
  • Experience in production support and troubleshooting.
  • You find satisfaction in a job well done and thrive on solving head-scratching problems.
Java Developer

We’re in search of a Java Developer who lives, eats and breathes programming to lend their support to our talented IT team. You’ll be developing and designing high-performance, scalable mission critical technology application systems in line with our company mandate, using Java/JavaEE throughout the program development cycle, from concept to testing and deployment. We also need you to analyze requirements, detail user assistance materials, provide technical documentation, analyze application functionality and offer solutions to any problems that may arise throughout program development. Of course, we’ll want you to be a team player, but you get bonus points if you’re looking for a a java developer role that helps you grow and evolve your development skills.

Skillset Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or an associated field such as Engineering; Master’s degree a plus.
  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) or Oracle Certified Master (OCM) certification levels are a plus.
  • Expert knowledge of Java and J2EE, including Classloading, Transaction Management and Memory Management.
  • Experience in SQL, Relational Databases, HTML and ORM technology, such as JPA2 and Hibernate.
  • Four years’ experience in a Java Developer (or related) role, with one to three years of developing apps and other software.
  • Experience in database management, computer architecture, and crafting statistical analysis.
  • Experience working with web frameworks such as Spring Framework, JSF, GWT or Wicket.
  • Experience with testing and deployment, with an attention to detail that supports the software development cycle.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills, with a drive to hit targets and solve problems along the way.
  • Capable of working as part of a software development and IT team, and with little to no supervision as required.
Technical Lead

We are searching for an innovative Technical Lead to join our company. As the Technical Lead, you will oversee the company’s technical team and all projects they undertake, analyze briefs, write progress reports, identify risks, and develop work schedules. You should be able to work with your team and inspire them to reach their goals.

To be successful as a Technical Lead, you should always be expanding your industry knowledge and be able to quickly identify problems. Outstanding Technical Leads are accountable, trustworthy, and able to build lasting relationships with their teams.


  • Determining project requirements and developing work schedules for the team.
  • Delegating tasks and achieving daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
  • Liaising with team members, management, and clients to ensure projects are completed to standard.
  • Identifying risks and forming contingency plans as soon as possible.
  • Analyzing existing operations and scheduling training sessions and meetings to discuss improvements.
  • Keeping up-to-date with industry trends and developments.
  • Updating work schedules and performing troubleshooting as required.
  • Motivating staff and creating a space where they can ask questions and voice their concerns.
  • Being transparent with the team about challenges, failures, and successes.
  • Writing progress reports and delivering presentations to the relevant stakeholders.

Skillset Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Relevant Management certification may be required.
  • Experience in a similar role would be advantageous.
  • Excellent technical, diagnostic, and troubleshooting skills.
  • Strong leadership and organizational abilities.
  • Willingness to build professional relationships with staff and clients.
  • Excellent communication, motivational, and interpersonal skills.

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